Ariel Inspired Nail ArtToday, I was given an awesome opportunity to do a guest post for an awesome nail artist Lisa (@loudandlavish) on Instagram. Since I’m on a roll of ocean/nautical themed designs, I decided to do an Ariel inspired nail art!

Ariel Nail Art DesignsOn my thumb, I hand painted Ariel and Flounder with acrylic paint.


Spiral Shell Nail ArtI have spiral shell designs on the middle and ring fingers, and gradient stamping on the index and pinkie.


<Ariel Inspired Nail Art Tutorial>

Ariel Nail Art Tutorial

Acrylic Paint For Nail ArtI used so many different polishes for this design that I ran out of space in the pictorial to talk about the acrylic paint. So here is how I mixed the paint to create each colour 🙂

  • Outline for Ariel, Flounder and spiral shells – Burnt Siena (Brown)
  • Ariel’s Skin Colour – Titanium White (Pure White), Scarlet Red (Orangey Red), Pure Red, Yellow Medium Azo (Lemon Yellow) and Burnt Siena
  • Ariel’s Hair – Scarlet Red, Pure Red and Titanium White
  • Flounder’s Body – Yellow Medium Azo
  • Flounder’s Fin – Phthalocyanine Blue (Deep Blue)


Mermaid Ariel NailsIn this design I used two of my newest polishes – Fool’s Gold (piCture pOlish) and Mojito (Beyond The Nail). They’re so beautiful and gorgeous and I can’t wait to show you the swatches which are coming soon!!


The Little Mermaid Ariel Nail ArtAgain, this mani was for Lisa (@loudandlavish) while she is on vacation (Oooh! That sounds nice!!!). There are more gorgeous guest posts from awesome nail artists on her account during her vacation, and it’s totally worth checking them out!!

Thank you for your visit!!