Rapunzel Nail Art

I created this Rapunzel Nail Art for my birthday last month, but kept missing opportunities to actually post it! I’m very happy that I can post it today, finally!!

Rapunzel is definitely my No.1 favourite Disney Princess, and also No.1 most difficult to draw in my opinion. I just can’t find any distinct features on her face, like Elsa’s cat eyes with purple eyeshadow, if that makes sense. I’ve spent hours on this design, including a few failures, but it’s all definitely worth it! This made me super happy all day ๐Ÿ™‚

When I put both thumbs together, Rapunzel’s hair connects to where Pascal is sitting and giving a cheeky smile.

Tangled Rapunzel Nail Art


I made a video tutorial for my right hand – the Rapunzel hand. Sorry that I didn’t include the Pascal part in this video, but I hope you like it! Apologies in advance for my weird English!!!


Rapunzel Nails

The design on the rest of my nails is inspired by Rapunzel’s dress. I love her hand painted-like designs such as flowers and swirls. I could have included some pink stripes if I didn’t totally adore this magical lavender polish “Lizzie” from piCture pOlish!! It’s so sparkly and so Rapunzel!!

Rapunzel Pascal Nail Art


Thank you for visiting!! <3