Charlotte Olympia Nails

The theme for today was “Fashion Inspired Nail Art”!! I chose the kitty flats design from Charlotte Olympia 🙂 I really like the designs of their shoes and clutches which are so unique and playful.

Okay! Here is the mini tutorial of this kitty flats nail art design!!

Kitty Flats Nail Art

  1. Let’s prepare the scotch tape first by cutting off one end to make it straight.
  2. Cut off both corners in the angle shown in the photo.
  3. Apply the tape onto the nail, just covering the lunula area (Half Moon area). (What is Lunula)
  4. Apply nail polish on top and remove the tape.
  5. Start drawing the kitty face. Add a small dot for the nose, which will help to position the rest of the face. (How to Hand Paint)
  6. Complete drawing the face. Apply top coat to complete.


Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats


There are many designs available for these kitty flats and the pair with the glasses is my favourite!! I’d buy them if they weren’t so flat (I’m a shortie, need some heels ;p).

Anyway! There is less than a week left of the 31 Day Challenge!! I can’t believe that I’m still going!! Woohoo!!

Thank you very much for visiting!! <3xxxx