Pastel Blue Flower NailsAs you may know, I love Easter icons like bunnies and chicks, but how about something non-Easter nails for today? A little simpler and less yellow. These pastel blue flower nails were made in early March, but I kept missing the opportunity to post them. So this old design can finally be put to good use!

On the day I created this design, the weather was absolutely beautiful with plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies, which is perfect filming conditions, since I don’t use artificial lights. So even though this is not a complicated or tutorial worthy design, I decided to film the process anyway! I hope you enjoy!!

– Pastel Blue Flower Nails Video –


– Pastel Blue Flower Nails Tutorial –

Pastel Blue Flower Nails Tutorial

A little info that didn’t fit into the tutorial is the size of the spangles I used – white are 2mm and blue are 1mm diameter. Also, I’m not sure if you know about Blu Tack but that’s what I used to pick up the spangles and bullion beads. Blu Tack is a putty-like adhesive that you can use to hang up your posters on the wall. I use this in so many different situations which I should probably write about in another post.


Glitter Flower Nails

Before I apply matte top coat, I always apply a layer of regular top coat, just to avoid any chances of dragging the nail polish underneath.


Glitter Flower Nail Art


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