Snowflake Nail Art

Snowflakes are so beautiful and I will love to have them on my nails as many times as possible during winter! But I always take far too long to paint each snowflake on my nails. So I decided to practice more hoping that I’ll be able to shorten the painting time a little bit.

It is always the best to practice on a piece of paper first. I normally use a pencil and eraser until I gain enough confidence, and then I switch to acrylic paint and a paint brush to practice a little more.


– How to Draw Snowflakes on Paper –

Snowflake Tutorial

The best way of drawing a snowflake for me is to imagine a clock!

  1. Draw a line from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock.
  2. Draw a line from 2 to 8.
  3. Draw from 10 to 4, keeping all three lines in the similar length.
  4. Add an arrow head on each line, leaving small gaps in between the arrow heads.
  5. Draw the wider arrow head close to the end of the three lines.
  6. Add a small square / diamond on the end of each line.

I think the key to draw a precise snowflake is to have equal spaces in between the first three lines, and to do that, imagining a clock helps me a lot!

Thank you!!