Heart Chocolate Nails

The Valentine’s Day desserts and decorations in stores are always so inspiring, especially the chocolates! This lead me to come up with a wacky idea of making these Heart Chocolate Nails with their foil wrapper rolled down…my mind is definitely working in the making impossible possible land at the moment 🙂

This design is super easy to create and it took me only 20 minutes. If you like this design, here is the mini tutorial!

Valentines Day Nails Tutorial


Valentines Nails Heart I bought this silver polish – Unfrost My Heart from OPI to do a completely different design, but its metallic texture-like shine was really handy to create the imitate foil effect!


Chocolate Nails

The red glitter polish I used was Rocky Horror Columbia from piCture pOlish. I think this gorgeous glitter saved the design by making it look like real gift wrapping 🙂 This jelly polish is a little bit on the transparent side, so I used a coat of red polish underneath to cover my natural nail colour. I really liked having a splash of red on the tips.

I hope you like this weird idea! Thank you for visiting!! <3 xxx