Butterfly Nail ArtThe theme of the day was “Inspired By A Colour“, so I did butterfly nail art inspired by the gorgeous blue of the morpho butterflies.

Butterflies are beautiful, but it’s almost impossible to create their colours!! I was sponging and sponging … trying to make a nice blue gradation, but then it ended up more like a field of grass alongside the sky with a few clouds floating around.

I think the purple ones look less like fields though. Anyway, at least I enjoyed making this design! Let’s move onto the mini tutorial of the day!

Butterfly Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply light blue nail polish on all nails. And then cover the surrounding skin with scotch tape.
  2. Apply dark blue nail polish onto a top corner with a piece of makeup sponge.
  3. Draw a soft blue line using a corner of the sponge.
  4. Add the accent colours, green and purple in this design, onto the free edge. (What is Free Edge?)
  5. Draw a soft white line with a small piece of sponge.
  6. Clean up the skin with nail polish remover.
  7. Draw some dots over the white line with white acrylic paint. (How to Hand Paint)
  8. Draw thin lines with dark blue acrylic paint (blue + black).
  9. Add small arches in between the lines, and then add some white dots on top of the arches.


Butterfly Nail Art Design

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Thank you for visiting!! <3xxx