Easter Nail Art Idea 2011It’s been a tough time seeing what is happening in Japan at the moment. It’s so sad and unbelievable, at the same time I’m so frustrated with not being able to do anything to help apart from joining a couple of charities. But! Being so sad and losing hopes will certainly not going to help anyone, so I decided to create something cheerful!!

This could be my Easter nails idea 2011! A design packed with energy and hope!

Acrylic Emboss Easter Nail Art Tutorial

– Easter Nails Idea 2011 Tutorial –

  1. Apply pale pink, pale blue and cream nail polish on each fingernails.
  2. Draw clouds using acrylic paint. Add some grass too.
  3. Make rabbits and chicks / ducklings with acrylics. Draw the face with brown acrylic paint to complete.

What do you think?? Please forgive me for getting confused between chicks and ducklings for Easter lol.

Thank you!