Spring Minnie Mouse Nail ArtCan you believe May is almost over?! This Spring Minnie Mouse nail art was inspired by a parade “Minnie’s Little Spring Train” in Disneyland Paris. I saw this cute parade on YouTube months ago, but I didn’t get a chance to do the nail art until now!

I started working on this nail art in the afternoon, so the lighting of the later photos is not that good. But I hope you can still enjoy the mini tutorial of this design anyway!

Spring Minnie Mouse Nail Art Tutorial



Spring Minnie Nail ArtThere was a top coat accident when I first completed the design. I always take a few photos before applying top coat, just in case of shrinkage. And after taking the photo above, the accident happened.

My new Seche Vite top coat perfectly cracked and stretched all of the hand painted designs! The gingham lines on my index and ring were the worst and they ended up like splatter designs. Luckily the Minnie Mouse drawing was just slightly distorted. I don’t know why she was safe but I was relieved.


Minnie Mouse Nail Art DesignMy absolute pal top coat is Gloss on Top! from Picture Polish, which has never ruined my hand painted designs. Unfortunately I’ve currently run out of it. So instead of hand painting the same thing again, I just went for simpler ginghams with yellow and green polishes. The funny thing is, I like this one better than the ruined one lol.

So! If you are hand painting with acrylic paint, the top coat that I highly recommend is Gloss on Top! Or do you have any recommendations that work well for you??

Thank you!!