Striped Bee Nail ArtEver since I saw this bottled yellow cuteness at Beyond The Nail store, I wanted to create this design – Negative Space Striped Bee Nail Art with a matte finish. Sometimes an instant inspiration like that doesn’t work out in real life, but this turned out exactly how I wanted, Yaay!

This design is super easy to make and maybe not that worthy of making a tutorial. So I decided to create just a short clip of how to draw the little bee.

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The highlight of the design is definitely this gorgeous yellow holo topper – Pixelated Sunshine from Beyond The Nail. This cute little sunshine will be perfect for upcoming Spring and Easter nails!

The formula is very runny and that makes it a little hard to pick these yellow and cream coloured hex holos, so I recommend using a sponging technique:

  1. Apply a decent amount of holo topper onto a piece of make up sponge
  2. Let the sponge absorb the excess clear polish
  3. Apply leftover holos onto the nails. Easy!

Spring Nail Art Bee

I’m not a huge fan of painting my whole nails, which makes me feel suffocated.Β On top of that, I’m not patient enough to wait for that amount of nail polish to dry lol. So this negative spaced stripe technique is just right for me. Some breathing space with less drying time.

Negative Space Nails


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