Cracked NailOh no! Sorry for starting with this scary photo. Yes, this happened a few weeks ago when I was unbuckling my car seatbelt! It didn’t hurt but unfortunately the crack occured right on top of the nail bed (the pink part of the nail), and when this happens I can’t simply chop off the free edge.


Nail Repair Silk WrapSo I repaired the crack using the silk wrap method, which is very similar to the tea bag method, and waited for the crack to grow out of the nail bed.


Short Nails After RepairAfter a couple of weeks the crack finally moved up to the free edge area, and I was able to cut it. Yaaay! Just having one short nail amongst the long nails wouldn’t be so nice, so I decided to file them all down! Still the middle is the shortest though :p



Short NailsIt feels a little bit strange to have short nails after being so used of the long nails, but I’m enjoying the easiness of nail polish applications and this simple short nail art!

For this design, I used a blue grey nail polish from OPI (sorry! I don’t have the bottle near me at the moment!!), and simply sponged some white and silver glitter on the tips.


I just realised that my skin is so dry! Time to soak them in the cuticle oil!!!

Thank you!!