Nailbees Artist Brushes

Tadaaa!! Look what I have here! Yes! I created my own nail art brushes!! I’ve been wanting to do this since early last year and after so many experiments, they’re finally ready to go! These brushes are PERFECT for nail art, especially if you’re right into hand painting 😀

In this post, I’m going to show you the details for each of the brushes! Or to the shop? Click here!

Nailbees Nail Art Brush

The photo above is the overall look of the brush. It has a pink pearl handle and a shiny gold ferrule (the metal part), and it’s super light! I can draw for 5 straight hours without my hands and fingers getting sore.


Nailbees Nail Art Brushes

There are three different types – Extra Small, Small and One Stroke! And they’re all hand made in Japan 🙂


Nailbees Artist Brush

When is it best to use each brush? Okay, it’s pretty straight forward!

  • Extra Small (XS) – the tiniest tip absorbs plenty of paint, and it enables you to draw any fine details! Truly invincible!!
  • Small (S) – the firm straight tip does not fan out easily, which is very important when drawing a long consistent line. It is slightly longer than the Extra Small brushes.
  • One Stroke (OS) – made for the one stroke painting technique, or for cleaning up around your cuticle with nail polish remover.

The nail art in the photo above is created using all three brushes. I used XS for the swirls and dots, S for the lines surrounding the nails, and OS for the pink butterfly.

I’m so proud of these brushes, because I’ve been using them for many years and the quality and durability is so much better than the other brands I used before!

So I really wanted to recommend these brushes to other nail artists, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any stores that stocked the brushes, as well as ship them internationally. I used to buy a lot of them when I went back to Japan and brought them back to Australia. I tried to share how awesome these brushes are by doing giveaways and including them in the nail art contest prizes, but that wasn’t enough! I really wanted to share with more people!!!!

That’s why this is one of my biggest dreams coming true moments! I’m really hoping these brushes will serve many AMAZING nail artists out there, who are struggling to find the right tools to bring their imaginations to reality!!

Thank you SO much for your patience! Now the brushes are all YOURS!!


If you have any questions, please ask! <3 Thank you for your visit!!