Chocolate Sauce Love Nail ArtWhen I brainstorm for a Valentine’s Day nail design, all I can think about is chocolate!! You may think about something romantic like roses and hearts etc, but for me it’s CHOCOLATE!!

I used two nail polishes that I recently bought. Both are from OPI, the green is called Gargantuan Green Grape, the pink one is called Otherwise Engaged.

I painted choc drips and colourful sprinkles with acrylic paint and I drew “LOVE” on my thumb and ring finger

Chocolate Sauce Valentines NailsFor this chocolate sauce nail art, I used Gargantuan Green Grape and Otherwise Engaged, both from OPI, as the base. And I hand painted the chocolate sauce, colourful sprinkles and the letter LOVE with acrylic paint.


What do you think?

Thank you!!