Below are some fun Nail Facts and Tips that may help you grow strong and healthy nails.

Tips to Grow Healthy Nails

  1. Have a well balanced diet (see Foods that are good for nails below).
  2. It is very important to keep your nails clean by washing them regularly and thoroughly, especially after outdoor activities.
  3. Wear gloves when gardening or washing dishes to protect your nails from bacteria, sunlight and detergents.
  4. File your nails instead of using nail clippers. It is less damaging and prevents the nails from splitting (See Manicure Filing or Pedicure Filing).
  5. Massaging the matrix area will help bringing nutrients and oxygen which are vitally important for the nail growth (see Hand Massage or Foot Masage).
  6. Remove nail polish gently as rubbing with pressure will cause damage to the matrix (see Nail Polish Removal).
  7. Apply hand cream each time after washing your hands.

Foods that are especially good for nails


  • Eggs – Contains all essential amino acids and is a source of many vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, D & E)
  • Chicken Wings – Contains collagen which is good for Healthy Nails & skin
  • Soy Bean Products – Contains essential amino acids and minerals (calcium, protein, potassium & magnesium).


  • Vitamin A – Essential for healthy skin and nail growth. (Carrots & Sweet Potatoes)
  • Vitamin C – Encourages collagen production. Also has an anti-oxidant effect which helps slow down the ageing process. (Kiwi, broccoli & Berries)
  • Vitamin D – Helps strengthening the entire body structure. (Seafoods & Tofu)
  • Vitamin E – Helps growing Healthy Nails, hair and skin.


  • Magnesium – Helps promote good nail and hair growth. (Seaweeds)
  • Zinc – Helps body growth. (Oysters & Cooked lean beef)
  • Iron – Helps bringing oxygen to the matrix. (Mussels & Oysters)


  • It is important to drink plenty of water to keep the skin and nails hydrated. Ideally drink 2 Liters per day.