Hand Care Title

A regular hand care massage will encourage blood flow to your nails and the surrounding skin, supplying nutrients and oxygen for a healthy nail growth. Take a minute or two to treat yourself with this relaxing massage, you deserve it!


What you need for Hand Care

Hand Care Equipment

  1. Massage Oil or Body Cream
  2. 2 plastic gloves or 2 small plastic bags
  3. Hot Towel (see the description below)

<Preparation> How to make a hot towel

  1. Soak a towel in water and wring tightly.
  2. Heat in the microwave for 1 minute.
  3. Carefully take the towel out of microwave. It might be very hot!


Hand and Arm Massage Procedure

  1. Rub body cream in between your hands to warm up. Spread the cream across the hands and forearms.

Hand Care Massage Step 1

  1. Stroke the inside of the forearm firmly with the thumb. Always stroke from the wrist to elbow. Repeat 3 times on both arms.

Hand Care Massage Step 2

  1. Massage outside of the forearm in circular motions. Repeat 3 times on both arms.

Hand Care Massage Step 3

  1. Place your fingers in a crossed position and squeeze them firmly and then release. Repeat 5 times.

Hand Care Massage Step 4

  1. Firmly push up between bones of the hand. Knead the fleshy part of the hand in a circular motion.

Hand Care Massage Step 5

  1. Make a hot towel following the description above.
  2. Put hands into the plastic gloves, and then into the folded hot towel and relax until the towel cools down. Make sure the towel is nice and warm, but not burning hot.

Hand Care Massage Step 7

  1. Remove hands from the towel and plastic gloves.
  2. Rub any remaining body cream into the skin until the stickiness disappears. If there is too much cream left on the skin, you can wipe off using the hot towel.

Hand Care Massage Step 9

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