Halloween Pumpkin Nail ArtYesterday I was too busy to do any nail art, but today I was able to complete my first Halloween nail art design this year! I added some pumpkins, bats, stars and some other cute Halloweeny things on top of the stripe base from yesterday.


Halloween Stripe Nail ArtFor this design, I used black and gold acrylic paint. I really like the subtle sparkle in these black designs!


Cobweb Nail Art BaseI had a little bit of extra time to do another Halloween design after the first one! I used the same orange nail polish as the base, and then drew the rough diagonal french lines with purple polish.


Spiderweb Nail ArtThen I hand painted some spiderwebs on the purple part, spiders and cheeky ghosts using black acrylic paint. At the end of the day I was rushing a little bit, so the lines look messy.

I hope you like them! Thank you!!