How to Remove Nail Polish Title
This is the gentlest way to Remove Nail Polish without staining or drying the surrounding skin.

What you need to Remove Nail Polish

Remove Nail Polish Equipment

  1. Nail Polish Remover
  2. Cotton Balls/ Wool/ Pads
  3. Orangewood Stick


Manicure Course

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How to Remove Nail Polish

  1. Soak a piece of cotton wool with a generous amount of nail polish remover.

How to Remove Nail Polish Step 1

  1. Place it on the nail and hold it for 10 seconds. Gently wipe off the nail polish. Move the cotton wool in the direction of the blue arrow.

How to Remove Nail Polish Step 2

  1. Wipe the corners of the nail as well as underneath the nail.

How to Remove Nail Polish Step 3

  1. Fold the same cotton to expose the unused part. Repeat these steps on the rest of the nails.
  2. Clean the small areas with a cotton stick (orangewood stick + cotton wool) to complete.

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