Cuticle Care Title

Cuticle Care is a treatment for the skin around the nails. It includes removing of the dry loose skin which was created during the nail growth process. Cuticle Care will not only make it easier to apply nail polish neatly, also prevents future hangnails!


What you need for Cuticle Care

Cuticle Care Equipment

  1. Clean hand towel
  2. A bowl of lukewarm water (with a pump of liquid soap)
  3. Nail Brush
  4. Gauze
  5. Cuticle Knife or
  6. Cotton Stick (Orangewood Stick + Cotton Wool)
  7. Cuticle Remover
  8. Cuticle Nippers


Cuticle Knife or Cotton Stick

If you don’t have a cuticle knife, you can make a cotton stick and use it instead.

  1. Roll an orangewood stick on a piece of cotton wool to wind a small amount of cotton with the tip of the stick.
  2. Roll the tip of the stick in between your fingers to make cotton less fluffy.

How to make a Cotton Stick


Cuticle Care Procedure

  1. Apply a drop of cuticle remover on each cuticle line on one hand. Rub the cuticle remover onto the entire cuticle line.
  2. Soak the fingers in the soapy lukewarm water for 5 minutes.
  3. Lightly dab the palm on a towel to remove most of water.

Applying Cuticle Remover

  1. Dip the cuticle knife or a cotton stick into water to make it damp. Push back the cuticle in a circular motion with light pressure. The circular movements will prevent damage to the nail or the skin.

How to use a Cuticle Knife

  1. Please watch the angle.

Correct angle for Cuticle Knifes

  1. Gently wipe off the excess cuticle remover with a piece of damp gauze.

Wipe off excess cuticle remover


How to Remove Hang Nails

Let’s remove any loose skin or hang nails using cuticle nippers

  1. Pinch the base of the loose skin. Cut without pulling the skin. This shouldn’t tear the skin or cause any bleeding.

How to remove hang nails

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