Acrylic Nail Preparation Title
Acrylic Nail Preparation will:

  1. Allow your acrylic nails to last longer
  2. Prevent any mould or bacteria from forming under the acrylic nails


What you need

Acrylic Nail Preparation Equipment

  1. Emery Board
  2. Nail File (180 grit)
  3. Dust Brush
  4. Pre-Primer
  5. Paper Towel
  6. Primer
  7. Anti-Bacterial Spray
  8. Cuticle Knife
  9. Paper Towel Pieces


Acrylic Nail Preparation Procedure

  1. Wipe the hands and nails with anti-bacterial spray. Use a piece of cotton or paper towel to disinfect.

Preparing for Acrylic Nails

  1. File down natural nails, leaving only 1 to 2 mm of free edge.

Acrylic Nail Filing

  1. Spray anti-bacterial spray onto the cuticle knife to wet. Push up cuticle and scrape off the dead skin (dry loose skin).

Cuticle Care Preparation

  1. Gently scratch the entire surface of the natural nails evenly with a 180 grit nail file. File in the direction of blue arrows. Do not file the same spot more than twice.

Tips for Acrylic Nail Filing

  1. Pull the skin down to file the sides of the nail as well.

Filing Technique for Acrylic Nails

  1. Remove any dust and clean thoroughly with anti-bacterial spray and a piece of paper towel.

Remove dust with Nail Brush

  1. Apply pre-primer on entire nails to remove any moisture.

Using pre-primer to remove moisture

  1. Wipe the primer brush on a paper towel to remove the excess. Apply just on the nails. Avoid touching the surrounding skin as some primers are made to be strongly acidic and they can burn the skin.

Nail Primer Tips

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