Acrylic Form Mixture Title
Perfect Acrylic Form application is important to be able to master acrylic nail extensions.

Acrylic Form Application

What you need

 Acrylic Form Application Equipment

  1. Acrylic Forms
  2. Small Scissors


Acrylic Form Application Procedure

  1. Remove the circle sticker from the centre of the acrylic form and stick it on the back to strengthen the form.

Removing the Acrylic Nail Form Sticker

  1. Adjust the size of the curve to fit each nail. Look at the shape of the hyponychium (where the nail separates from the skin) and cut out the form to match the shape.

Cutting Acrylic Nail Form

  1. Set the form under the nail. Make sure there is no big gaps between the form and the nail. Align the middle line of the form and the middle of the nail.

Ensure Acrylic Form is Centrally Aligned

  1. Stick both corners together. Keep the nice round curve.

Ensure the form is in a round shape

  1. Check the angle of the form.

Acrylic Nail Forms Tutorial

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