How to File Toenails Title
Filing is the best way to shorten your toenails. Toenails that are filed properly will not catch your socks or stockings unlike the nail clippers!

What you need for Toenail Filing

Pedicure Filing Equipment

  1. Emery Board
  2. Dust Brush or a piece of cotton

*Please avoid using a metal file as it can damage the nail.

How to File Toenails – Technique

  1. Hold the emery board lightly between your thumb and index finger. Don’t grasp it.


  1. Keep the emery board at a 90 degree angle at all times.


  1. Start filing the Free Edge of the nail in one direction. Do not file backwards and forwards. Filing under the free edge can lead to ingrown toenails.


  1. Continue filing to make the perfect length shown below.


  1. Remove dust with a dust brush or a piece of gauze.


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