Foot Care TitleIn Foot Care we focus on fixing our hard heels and cleaning up the dry skin which has built up around the toenails. The tutorial uses a foot spa, but you can also do this while you’re in the shower!

What you need for Foot Care

Foot Care EquipmentFoot Spa

  1. Cotton Stick
  2. Clean Towel
  3. Cuticle Remover
  4. Body Scrub
  5. Foot File
  6. Nail Brush
  7. Gauze
  8. Cuticle Knife
  9. Cuticle Nippers
  10. Foot Spa or a bucket that allows you to place both feet in at the same time.

Pedicure Foot Care Procedure

  1. Fill your foot spa with warm water along with body soap. Soak your feet for 5 minutes.

How to use a Foot Spa

  1. Rub the heels, the sole of the feet and the toes with scrub. This will remove surface dead skin and make your feet nice and smooth.

Foot Massaging Technqiue

  1. Dip the foot file in the water to make it damp. Rub the hard skin on the heels in a circular motion with the rough side of the file. Do not rub too hard or it will damage the skin.

How to use a Foot File

  1. Use the smooth side of the foot file to rub the softer part of the feet. Continue rubbing until you see some dead skin on the file.


  1. Rinse the feet. Use the nail brush to remove scrub bits from the toenails. Dry your feet with a clean towel.

Using a Nail Brush and Towel
These are the before and after photos of a single session of Foot Care treatment.
Isn’t it amazing how much difference just one treatment can make!!
Foot Care Benefits

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