Rio Nail Art

Hello! Recently I filmed a new character nail art video which I’ll upload to YouTube in a couple of days, and then realised that my old videos that I uploaded a long time ago look pretty crappy in many ways – poor lighting, disorganised editing and too many subtitles etc!

So I decided to re-edit and re-upload them again. Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t allow people to replace their old videos with new videos (at this point in Aug 2014), so I had to turn the old videos to “private” so that people won’t see my low quality videos anymore, but I can still keep the nice comments from the viewers.

It’s getting way long, I’m sorry! Anyways, here are my newly edited “supposedly better quality” videos!! I hope you enjoy!!


Character Nail Art No.1 – Kung Fu Panda 2


Character Nail Art No.2 – Rio


Character Nail Art No.3 – Mickey Mouse


Thank you for visiting!! <3