Toy Story Nail ArtThis is my latest nail art design – Toy Story!!

As you can see on the title, I have a nail art video for you today instead of tutorial photos. I like mixing them up since I enjoy making step by step tutorials as well as nail art videos!!

Here is my Toy Story nail art video and I hope you like it!



This is my right hand – painted by my dominant hand.

Toy Story Nails


And this is my left hand. I know it always turns out much crappier than the other hand, but I don’t care! I want to be fair on all of my nails – they all deserve to be painted!!! Hahaha

Pixar Nail Art Toy Story


Oh! In the video, I forgot to paint Jessie’s hair lol So I added her cute red braided hair afterwards 🙂

Toy Story Nail Art Jessie



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