Social Media Icon Nail Art

Which isย your favourite social media? or do you just love them all?? I’ve always thought social media icons are so cute and wanted to do the nail art based on them one day. Well, the day has come and I finally got a chance to do this Social Media Icon nail art!


Social Media Icons Nails

Onย the pinky, I have Instagram, then Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat on my thumb. Although I don’t have a Snapchat account yet, I think their ghost character looks really cute and I just had to include it!

The tutorial video was featured on the CutePolish YouTube channel (yaay!). I hope you enjoy!!


Facebook Icon Nail Art

I used a lot of my own DIY nail polishes for this design. For the Facebook icon, I used Samurai Blue polish, which has micro glitter in a dark royal blue base.


YouTube Icon Nail Art

For the YouTube Icon, I used this bright red polish called Kitty Red ๐Ÿ™‚


Twitter Icon Nail Art

I used Instinct from Picture Polish for the Twitter Icon. Isn’t it a cute toy blue colour??!


Instagram Icon Nail Art

This one is called Cola, I know I don’t have a great naming sense for nail polishes LOL


Snap Chat Nail Art

And Sunflower polish for the Snapchat Icon.


Social Media App Nail Art

Are you active on any of these social media networks? Because I’d LOVE to connect with you!! Here are my account links…

I hope you like this design! Thank you for your visit!! xxx