Minnie Megamind

I love watching movies!! Especially comedy movies and animations!! Recently I went to watch “MEGAMIND”, and I totally loved it!! The characters are so adorable and I had to create a nail art based on this movie straight away.


Megamind NailsFor this Megamind nails, I used dark purple and blue shimmery nail polish as the base, blue round spangles on my index, middle and pinky, and then I added acrylic emboss characters on the thumbs and ring fingers.


Megamind Nail ArtOn my left thumb, I have baby Megamind and the grown up version on my right thumb. The reason I used acrylics is because I really wanted to emphasise his big googly eyes!! The background of the last two photos is a coffee table at a cafe that I went recently.

Okay, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break and a fantastic new year!!
Thank you for visiting my blog this year, and hopefully I’ll post more regularly next year!!

Thank you!!!