Hello Kitty Nails

Hi!! Recently, I’ve been seeing Hello Kitty stuff in a lot of places for some reason. I see them in stores, but mostly on blogs!
So I took this as a sign, and decided to do Hello Kitty Nails.

Since I still have Disney Nail Art on my nails at the moment, I decided to design on nail tips.

These are the close ups of my Hello Kitty Nails!

Hello Kitty Nail Art DesignThese are for the thumbs. White nail polish – Alpine Snow from OPI was used for the base. I hand painted the hearts and the word “Hello” with acrylic paint. And then I added handmade 3D acrylic bows at the bottom.



Hello Kitty Nail ArtThese are the middle fingernails. Red nail polish – Red Apple from OPI was used for the base. And then I hand painted “Kitty” with gold acrylic paint. The Kitty faces are handmade 3D acrylics with hand painted details.



Hello Kitty Nail Art TipsAnd these are my favourites for the pinkies!! Hand painted faces on the white nail polish base, and smaller 3D acrylic bows.


I can glue them onto the natural nails, but that’s for one time use only. Because if I used a regular nail glue, I’ll have to soak the whole nail tips in acetone to remove them. So instead, I always use liquified glue which allows me to remove them by just soaking the nail tips in lukewarm water for 1 minute. This way, I get to keep my fav nail tips for as long as the glue remains intact. Well, even after the glue peels off or gets older I just apply another coat of fresh glue!

Oh no! It’s getting too long!!

Thank you for your visit!!