Frozen Nail Art

I’ve been crazy busy lately and it seems like May was skippedΒ this year lol. At the moment, my main focusΒ is to create more video tutorials. I’m trying to film the process whenever I do nail art, which wasn’t a part of my routine before. I’m always under time pressure to achieve that, but at the same time I try to have as much fun as possible during the process πŸ˜€


Frozen Nail Art Design

This design was inspired by Anna’s dress from the Frozen Fever movie! Unfortunately, I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I instantly fell in LOVE with her dress when I saw the movie poster!!


Frozen Fever Nail Art

I painted the designs inspired by Anna’s dress on my right hand, and Elsa’s dress on my left hand.


Frozen Fever Anna Dress Nails

A close up of my right hand. I’m originally a huge fan of sunflowers, and I’m SO happy how this design turned out πŸ™‚


Frozen Fever Elsa Dress Nails

This is my left hand. I really liked Elsa’s fresh green sparkly dress! I should have used a glittery pink polish for the flowers.


Elsa Anna Nail Art

The close up of Elsa and Anna. I made a DIY decal for Elsa and it turned out too big lol. I’ve painted Elsa before on Jelsa Inspired Nail Art, but I’m not so sure if I’ve improved drawing her or… not?

This Frozen nail art tutorial video was featured on CutePolish about a week ago (sorry for the delay!!). I hope you like it!



Frozen Fever Nail Art Design

It’s now officially winter here in Australia! But I still enjoy painting and wearing summer nail art designs like this!!!


Thank you for your visit!! <3 xxx