Cinderella Nail Art Part 3This is the completed design of my Cinderella nail art! If you are interested in the process of how I made this design, please click through:


– Cinderella Nail Art Part 3 –

Cinderella Nail Art DesignAfter finishing part 1 and part 2, I added some blue and white acrylic roses around the nails to complete the design. I put all 5 designs side by side, and I hope you like them!!

  • <Thumb> Cinderella silhouette and a small glass slipper
  • <Index> The Cinderella castle
  • <Middle> The pumpkin carriage
  • <Ring> The bigger glass slipper – yes, I decided to use it anyway!
  • <Pinky> Mickey shaped rhinestones!

Thank you so much for reading my 3 day long posts! This design was for the Disney Nail Art Contest hosted by Orlica. You can check out other fantastic entries here!!

Thank you so much for voting for me!! You are all sooo kind!!