Cinderella Nail Art Part 2Yesterday, I’ve created the base of my Cinderella nail art (in this post). Today, I’ll be working on the most important key ingredient of the movie – the glass slippers!


– Cinderella Nail Art Part 2 Tutorial –

Cinderella Nail Art Tutorial


  1. <Glass Slipper> On a piece of cooking foil, create a shoe bottom with clear acrylic mixture
  2. Add more mixture to increase the thickness
  3. Place a skinny pencil or C curve pinching stick under the foil. Create the arch part of the shoe, using the curve of the stick.
  4. Connect the arch to shoe bottom
  5. Add some mixtures here and there to make it looks like a shoe
  6. Add a blue ribbon to complete!

This turned out to be too big for my nails, so I repeated the whole process to create the smaller one which is in the photo at the top.

That’s it! This is how I made the glass slippers. On my next post, I’ll show you the rest of everything.

Thank you for your patience and for reading such a long post!!