Cinderella Nail Art Part 1Recently I’ve entered the Disney Nail Art Contest hosted by Orlica! My nail art design theme for this contest is Cinderella!! There are tons of photos that I want to show, so I decided to divide them into 3 parts! This is Part 1!


First, I have to apologise for the messy background and the poor lighting, I started working on this in the morning and it took me
until the night, which meant that I had to work using my small desk lamp!!

– Cinderella Nail Art Part 1 Tutorial –

Cinderella Nail Art Tutorial

  1. I extended my nails with natural acrylics to create more space for the design.
  2. Apply pale blue shimmery nail polish.
  3. Create a royal blue radial gradient using airbrush. Clean up the skin.
  4. <Pumpkin Carriage> Draw a circle with pale green acrylic paint.
  5. Fill the circle and draw the wheels. Draw seams with green acrylic paint.
  6. Draw the door and the emblem “C” with gold. Add curtains with red.
  7. <Cinderella Silhouette> Draw swirly designs around the thumbnail with gold acrylic paint.
  8. Draw a silhouette of Cinderella with dark purple.
  9. <Cinderella Castle> Draw swirly designs around the index fingernail with gold.
  10. Draw Cinderella castle with white.


Cinderella Castle Nail ArtIt was very hard to capture all the details of the castle. This is the image of the Cinderella castle that I was referring to, and my index finger is right next to it. I can’t even see if it’s accurate or not lol.

From here, I started working on some acrylics, but I’ll have to continue tomorrow!!

If you’d like to see other people’s awesome entries, this is Orlica’a blog. (and I’d be really happy if you could vote* for me!!)
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Thank you!!